Moda Ofset

Every month we print millions of books, magazines, catalogues and various printed materials which reach not only all places in Turkey but also to the neighboring countries, some are for high profile collections, some are for education, some for leisure , culture or information.

It is a great satisfaction to think that through our customers we contribute to the delivery of knowledge.

For every enquiry we evaluate all aspects, print run, timing and any special finishing required, to ensure we make the optimum use of our diverse capability.

Our goal is to provide the best service to our dedicated customers with our talented, experienced and hardworking team of 150-people.

We not only maintain our high quality standards but also print and produce in small and large volume in a very short period of time. Flexibility and reliability have been the main reason for our steady growth.

Our sales and technical departments are deliberately split into small dedicated teams. In this way we can guarantee customized and fast service to each customer.

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